What Happened to Our Web Site?

If you are a returning visitor or subscriber to our website, you have likely observed that site appears different. It is.

Prior to last week, our site contained a great deal more information, the most important of which was all of our past issues. As a result of a move from one computer system to another, virtually all of our web pages were unintentionally erased.

The good news is that, generally speaking, we have copies of most, but likely not all, previous Newsletters. This includes our most recent Model Portfolios as well as earlier ones. Click here to see the Jan 2010 Model Portfolio.

The bad news is that since our website was somewhat complicated in structure, it will not be easy nor likely even possible, to recreate the site as it was prior to the move. And any efforts to rebuild the site will likely take at least a few months. Readers wishing to access some of our best prior articles can view them at safehaven.com


Given the forced change to our website, we feel it is a good time to step back and evaluate the best way to satisfy our readers' needs in the future. For example, we may want to simplify our site by not having any archives at all. Or, we may want to perhaps change from once a month detailed articles to shorter commentary-style information published on an "as needed" basis which might easily be up to several times a month.

The funds-newsletter.com website exists to provide expert, independent advice for anyone who needs it, and perhaps, for those who have become tired of paying for good advice from another source and not feeling like they were getting such. Since we exist to fill your needs, not our own, we can best do that if we know what your needs are.

So if you have any suggestions or ideas as to how we might change our prior way of presenting our site, please let us know at funds-newsletter@att.net

Also, if you wish to become a subscriber to the site, receiving occasional email notification as soon as new articles or investing alerts become available, use the same email address as above with "free subscription" as the subject.